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Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our staff are specially trained to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs).  At Prairie Fitness & Rehab we can perform two types of FCEs: Baseline and Job-specific.

Baseline FCEs are performed for disability reasons with no specific job to return to. It is an objective assessment of the client’s overall physical abilities to perform a variety of tasks outlined by the Canadian National Occupational Classifications. Our Baseline FCEs help to determine if a client is disabled, and more importantly, what their abilities are. 


Job-specific FCEs are performed when a client has a job to return to. Our primary goal for this type of FCE is to know what the physical demands of the client’s job are, and then test the client’s abilities. These are then compared to the specific job demands, in an effort to determine return-to-work status. 


We strive to make our FCE reports easy to read and as brief as possible. Depending on the type of FCE, evaluations will vary in length. Depending on scheduling, our FCEs can have up to three evaluators overseeing them at no extra cost, in an effort to streamline the subjective examination and the objective testing components.

For more information on our FCEs or to schedule one, please contact Kristin at:

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