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On-Bench Trainer Services

This service is provided to sports teams and consists of a pre-game warm up from a trainer that includes: dynamic stretching, agility and power sequences, as well as, mobility and muscle motor activation exercises.

The trainer will also provide taping, stretching, pre-event massage and joint mobilizations, where necessary.


At the bench level, the trainer is there for all first aid, injury assessments, and treatment including concussion assessments.

The trainer at bench-level will be first responder, HCP/AED and Level C first-aid certified to identify if there

is a medical emergency. The trainer can also refer the athlete to our clinic for additional treatment, rehabilitation, and support services.

Currently, our on-bench trainer services are done by Ralph Tolentino, B.Kin., CAT(C), Colin Bosc, B.Kin., CAT (C) and Devin Pahkala, B.Sc., MPT.

For more info on on-bench trainer services, please contact Kristin at:

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